Community Voices

Celebrating the diversity of experiences and success stories within MRSD!

Alumni Spotlight  

Rohan Thakker, MRSD 2016

Working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA since graduating from MRSD, Rohan has been a major figure in the development of life-seeking snake robots inspired by the idea of a mission to Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus. He is the Autonomy Lead for the EELS project (Exobiology Extant Life Surveyor), a role which traces its roots to seeds of interest and inspiration planted many years prior.

From MRSD Student to Admissions Commitee: A 10-Year Journey

Kalyani Nirmal (MRSD 2014)

Discover the transformative journey of one MRSD graduate turned Admissions Committee member, as they reflect on a decade of industry experience and the impact of diverse perspectives on selecting the next cohort of robotics innovators. Read their insights in the full article below.

Letter to a Young Roboticist​

Paulo Camasmie (MRSD 2020)

Amidst eighties’ innovation, Paulo thrived from coding games to foundinga  a tricycle manufacturing company. Acceptance into CMU’s MRSD program ignited a journey to prove that age is no barrier to innovation. Read about Paulo’s journey – diving into robotics after establishing a successful business in building recumbent trikes!

MRSD: Beyond Just Robotics

Shaolin Kataria (MRSD 2024)

Shaolin joined MRSD just after his undergrad. He pens a journey of his exploration of both interests and personality; threading tremendous personal and professional growth during the course of the program.

A Breakup Letter to MRSD

Sridevi Kaza (MRSD 2024)

Read Sri’s nostalgic and heartfelt breakup letter to MRSD as she reflects on her journey, getting ready to graduate in a few weeks.

Robot(icists) Swarm

Leonardo Mouta (MRSD 2025)

“CMU doesn’t make it easy either: we tend to put our heart way too much in the work, missing out on many opportunities to see the world and the people around us. But MRSD is different. And that difference is all too often overlooked.”

Leo believes that MRSD’s uniquness as a graduate program comes from the amazing networking opportunities it provides. Check out what he has to say!