Batch Spotlight

Highlighting MRSD’s current batch of first-year and second-year students

Discover the Distinct Perspectives of each MRSD Cohort

Each batch and its students offer a unique perspective, and our team sought to capture it. We devised a set of questions to unveil these perspectives and showcase how MRSD influences them. Check out what people think here!


The RoboLounge Riddle

Which batch spends more time in the RoboLounge?

Batch of 2024
Batch of 2025

Fun Fact

100% of the MRSD'25 cohort is unaware that complimentary snacks were available in the RoboLounge until 2023.

MRSD's Got Talent

We have some amazing talents, which don't intent to stay hidden anymore. Here are the top contenders:

"I can mimic a goat's sound"
Anonymous, MRSD'25
"I can expand and contract my stomach on command, which makes my belly oscillate by a lot"
Anonymous, MRSD'25
"I can spider-walk like the exorcist ghost"
Anonymous, MRSD'25
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Kitchen Wars

Which Batch Boasts Better Cooking Skills (Or Just Think It Does?)

Celebrating the Highest Standard Deviation!!​

Madhusha (MRSD '25) on Weekdays
Madhusha on Weekends

Embracing our Journey

Batch of 2024

Batch of 2025