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New Beginnings

Behind the scenes - Edition #1, 2024

Hello fellow MRSD! 

Welcome to the 1st edition of the MRSD newsletter! As MRSD closes its 13th academic year this May, it’s remarkable to think about the extraordinary network of roboticists this program has created since its inception in 2011.

The purpose of this newsletter is to bring our amazing community even closer, by capturing the latest updates and accomplishments happening within and showcasing them in the awesome manner that they deserve to be showcased!

Each section of the newsletter aims to capture a unique aspect of what makes MRSD so special, from its alumni network, to the MRSD projects that kept us uber-busy at CMU, to the extraordinary individual successes and experiences that some of us have gone on to have.

We hope you have a great time reading through every section. We’d love to hear your feedback as well as any ideas or suggestions you might have for future editions – please do reach out to us!

Warm regards,

Editorial Team

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Lekha Mohan (MRSD 2016)

Lekha currently works at Luminar Technologies, where she is a senior software engineer. She's always looking forward to connect the MRSD community together and has actively organized several MRSD alumni meetups in the past as well.

Ed Terry (MRSD 2018)

Ed is currently working at L5 Automation, an LA-based startup developing an automated strawberry harvester, where he is the Perception Lead.


Shivam Tripathy (MRSD 2024)

Shivam is part of the current graduating batch of 2024. He's super inspired by the real-world impact MRSD alumni have gone on to create!

Swartz Fellows photographed in front of the  Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship on Friday, November 18, 2022.

Praveen Venkatesh (MRSD 2024)

Praveen is part of the graduating batch of 2024. He believes that MRSD is a one-of-a-kind experience that cultivates incredible leaders and technologists that the whole world should know about!

Shashwat Chawla (MRSD 2025)

Shashwat is part of the MRSD 2025 batch. He hopes this newsletter showcases MRSD's potential not just within the community but also much beyond it.

Naman Menezes (MRSD 2025)

Naman is part of the MRSD 2025 batch. He hopes that this newsletter can foster an elevated sense of community and cooperation within MRSD.


Yatharh Ahuja (MRSD 2025)

Yatharth Ahuja (Class of 2025) is still unwinding the threads of the MRSD program, while working on an industrial chemical cleaning project for his capstone. His background is in perception and controls - put to test as we bring this newsletter to life.

Sarah Conte (Program Manager, MRSD)

Sarah has been the Program Manager of MRSD since 2016. She has truly enjoyed witnessing the program's evolution and the amazing successes among the alumni community. This Newsletter is a great step toward connecting the entire MRSD Family.