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Supply chain & logistics

From material handling to warehouse automation, NREC has developed custom robotics, AI and autonomous solutions for customers in a variety of industry applications including oil and gas, consumer goods, and the Department of Defense logistics. 

30s Freespace Simulation Animation Video – Publicly published in press release

Featured Projects

automated container handling

packet picking

automated storage & retrieval

armor 1 matsinking unit

Intelligent Manipulation

Vision-Based, Modular and Adaptable

Human-Robot Teaming

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Collision Warning, Virtual Trainer and Equipment Optimization

Remote Teleoperation

Latency Compensation and Bandwidth Management


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Collision Avoidance and Human Detection

Warehouse Automation

Material Handling

Logistics Tracking

Object Manipulation

Solutions in Supply Chain and Logistics

automated storage & retrieval

automated storage & retrieval

automated storage & retrieval

automated storage & retrieval