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NREC brings innovative robotics technology to warfighters and military operations. Since 1995, NREC has been working with Department of Defense clients including DARPA, AFRL, TARDEC, USMCWL, OSD TRMC, NAVEODTECHDIV, PM Night Vision RSTA, USACE, JGRE, ONR, US Army, US Air Force and others. An impressive roster of projects and awards highlights NREC’s mission to “engineer robotics solutions.” NREC constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible and can solve your most challenging operational, tactical or logistic capability gaps.

Featured Projects

Stress Testing for Autonomous Systems

Cargo Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Autonomous Route Clearance

Laser Coating Removal for Aircraft

Autonomous Vehicles

From inspection robots to tactical vehicles

Equipment & Site Monitoring

Detection of abnormal situations or intruders


Video Processing and georeferencing. Detection of anomalies and IEDs


3D Teleoperation and S.A. from around the globe. Latency compensation and bandwidth management

GPS-Denied Navigation

Warfighter localization and vehicle navigation

3D Mapping

Accurate, real-time mapping of tunnels, roads, and cities

Safety Systems

Safety components, architecture, testing and evaluation for complex autonomous systems

Vehicle Design

Superior mobility from 15lbs to 15 tons. Wheels or tracks. Hybrid, electric, and custom drivetrain.

Off-Road Autonomy

Unmanned Convoy

Route Clearance

Tunnel & Building Inspection & Mapping

Manned & Unmanned Teaming

Logistics Operations

Perimeter Security

Depot & Maintenance Automation

Solutions in Defense

3D Visualization for EOD Robots


Autonomous Platform Demonstrator

Black Knight


Demining Augmented Reality

Dragon Runner

Enhanced Teleoperation

Enhanced Teleoperation - Mini SACR

EOD Robot Operator Assist

Infantry Support

Learning Robots

Long Distance Teleoperation - Avatar

Negative Obstacle Detection

Off-Road Autonomy

Path Planning for Autonomous Vessel

Perception for Ls3


Sweep Monitoring

Tartan Rescue Team

UGV & UAV Collaboration

Urban Challenge