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How to engage with nrec

NREC works with organizations from many industries to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Engaging with a team of experts at NREC is easy and follows a proven process. 

Commercial Applications

What is your business case?

With NREC’s technology and expertise, we can solve the majority of the problems brought to us. Therefore, the most critical aspect of the assessment steps is to look at the business case related to the problem. This is done in partnership with the client.

Government / Military

Innovation and Rapid Fielding

With the vast technology available at NREC and our unique expertise, we can quickly bring innovative robotic systems and technology to the field.

Our Process

Our proven INNOVATE™ process combines dedicated listening and understanding of your needs, cutting-edge technology, experts engineering a solution, as well as experienced technology transfer and commercialization support for maximum success.


Short Study

A Short Study will perform a quick assessment of your operations and your needs.


We visit one of your operations (limited to the continental U.S.) and list our observations and recommendations with a rough estimate of schedule and budget for a development program.

Schedule & Cost

Contact us for a cost and schedule estimate.


A brief development roadmap to solve your problem


Long Study

For international customers or for more complex problems that require multiple visits and a requirement assessment, we propose an extensive study that will look at different concepts to solve your problem.


We visit one or more of your facilities, assess several problems or needs, perform requirement analysis and generate conceptual designs.

Schedule & Cost

3 – 6 months | $100,000 – $300,000

Contact us for an estimate for cost and schedule.


Feasibility analysis, conceptual designs and detailed development roadmap.


Development Projects

Development projects are where most of the innovation happens and provide a prototype solution that you can evaluate for field readiness or commercial viability. Our team can rapidly develop a feasibility prototype or engineer a mature, production-intent prototype.


We generate conceptual designs, develop prototypes and perform cycles of testing, evaluation and engineering improvements. 

Schedule & Cost

6 – 36 months | $500k – $3M+

Contact us for an estimate for cost and schedule.


A prototype solution with a demonstration in your operations.

A detailed test report.

First right of refusal on an exclusive license.



As part of our INNOVATE™ process and our licensing, we provide support for the subsequent commercialization steps to ensure successful deployment of the solution to the market and/or the client’s operations. Our agreement provides a non-exclusive license to the IP created during the project and the client can elect to negotiate an exclusive license.


We negotiate a license with the client and provide support for commercialization.

We can also help select a robotic manufacturer if needed.

Schedule & Cost

The client has 180 days to decide on an exclusive license, which is normally sufficient to negotiate the license agreement.

The royalty for the exclusive license is based on fair-market value and negotiated with the client.


(Optional) An exclusive license.

Documentation, source code, drawings, schematics and bill of material for manufacturing and commercialization