Perception Testbed and Lighting

Figure 1: Testbed for evaluating MoonRanger’s perception. Material, color and lighting are lunar-like. The line of rectangular blocks are at known locations for verifying that the terrain geometry created by the robot matches the geometry of the scene. LUNAR POLAR LIGHT It is challenging to illuminate a perception testbed with lighting that emulates sunlight that … Continued

Wheel Module Vibration Testing

The wheel must function after being subjected to launch vibrations. The video below shows that the wheel module doesn’t flex excessively when it is shaken as it will be shaken during launch. If MoonRanger’s wheel module exceeds limits of displacement or stress during its vibration testing, then it won’t be permitted to fly. The … Continued

Assembly of the Wheel Module

MoonRanger’s first functioning wheel module has been assembled. Four of these will drive MoonRanger on the Moon. The parts include a strut, bearing, seals, hub, wheel and connectors. The strut is held in bracket with bearing pressed on and seal in place. The cylindrical portion is about the size of a roll of quarters. The … Continued