Prototype of Motor Controller PCB

MoonRanger Motor Controller PCB Slide

MoonRanger’s motor controller is located inside of the power electronics unit (PEU). This custom circuit board is designed to control each brushless DC actuator through its full range of speed and torque and is based around the space-rated TI UC1625-SP BLDC gate driver chip. This chip has a terrestrial equivalent, the TI UC2625, which allows for rapid, cost-effective prototyping and testing. An onboard MSP430 microcontroller enables closed-loop PID speed control for each actuator and a hardware-level overcurrent shutoff on each channel protects actuator gearheads from damage during high-torque maneuvers. Integrated low-side current sense resistors allow for the power draw on each actuator to be closely monitored in real-time. A conservative design, careful analysis, and rigorous testing will qualify this hardware for flight.

Daniel Guo