Power Switching PCB

MoonRanger’s Power Switching Board is a printed circuit board that distributes and switches power to components such as the computers, motor controllers and sun sensor. In the event of a device or board failure, the switching can attempt to restore functionality by power cycling. If unrecoverable, the affected device can be powered down by the Power Switching Board to be essentially eliminated from MoonRanger’s capability. This enables the mission to proceed (to the extent possible) without the affected device, and without rippled damage to other devices.

power switching PCB
Electronic layout of the Power Switching Board. Twenty power switching groups control and monitor power to a subset of rover electronics. Each group is controlled by an automotive grade smart switch - a TPS1H200 or FPF2124. These smart switches additionally act as current limiters, protecting the downstream subsystems and mitigating radiation induced latch-up.

MoonRanger has far more devices than can feasibly be switched individually. For this purpose, the rover’s electronics are partitioned into twenty “switching groups” that power a number of devices on or off together.