George A. Kantor
Research Professor / Associate Director of Education
Top Research Interests
  • Field & Service Robotics
  • Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
The control of dynamical systems becomes increasingly important as the era of robotics research dominated by quasi-static machines rapidly comes to a...
phd students
Harry Freeman
PhD Student
Dominic Guri
PhD Student
Chung Hee Kim
PhD Student
Moonyoung Lee
PhD Student
Abhisesh Silwal
Senior Project Scientist
Francisco Yandun
Project Scientist
masters students
Christopher Chang
MSR Student
Yudan Hu
MRSD Student
Morgan Mayborne
MSR Student
Mohammad Nomaan Qureshi
MSR Student / Teaching Assistant
Xinyu Wang
MSR Student
Zhizhuo Zhou
MSR Student
non-ri students
Carolyn Alex
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Jixiang Li
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Ruiji Liu
Graduate Research Assistant
Charlotte Emig
Senior Program / Project Manager
Elizabeth Kysel
FIRST Robotics Lead Technical Mentor
James R. Picard
Technician Supervisor