Sensor Design and Manufacturing Improvement

Our projects aim to improve the multidirectionality and compactness of GelSight-style sensing, while iterating on the manufacturing processes. We are exploring novel ideas for various components of the sensor including the cameras and light sources. For the cameras, we are experimenting with off-the-shelf micro-cameras and custom circuitry. We are additionally exploring the integration of light sources including PCBs with LEDs and fiber optic cables. In addition, we propose several improvements to the design and manufacturing techniques utilized in sensor fabrication. These include improvements to silicone casting, nanofabrication techniques, and pad printing.

Sensor Design for Dexterous Hands

We aim to integrate these new sensors onto dexterous grippers and hands, allowing for dexterous grasping and in-hand object manipulation. Current plans include integrating these sensors onto the Weiss gripper and Allegro Hand, as shown below.