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The Profiler mobile platform enables safe remote mapping and inspection in underground mining environment.  Its rugged design is capable of nonstop operation, providing the user with the most flexible mapping and inspection solution available. 

Underground mining is a dangerous, time consuming operation that currently requires human workers to perform difficult tasks in confined locations. Often, there is significant time required to transporter workers between the surface and the stope due to blasting operationsAdditionally, the newly created areas must be inspected to ensure that they are safe for workers to perform mining operations. NREC developed the Profiler mobile platform to enter these areas and provide mine mapping and inspection services immediately after a blast while workers remain safely at the surface.  

Mobile Platform

Profiler was designed to meet all of the challenges of the underground environment.  It is capable of navigating over rocks, through standing water and up significant slopes. Profiler may be sent into dangerous or unsupported areas removing the risk of human intervention. 

Mapping, Autonomy, and Teleoperation

Capable of supporting two VISTAR mapping pods, Profiler becomes the world’s most advanced underground mapping and inspection system.  It features Collision Avoidance technology which allows safe operation from a remote location or from the surface. Profiler is equipped with advanced teleoperation that allows an operator to see high resolution camera and 3-D data of the mine in real-time.  

In addition to its teleoperation capabilities, Profiler can operate in autonomous mode. The operator simply provides a few waypoints and Profiler autonomously collects new mapping and inspection data along the designated path. 

The flexibility of the Profiler platform also allows additional sensing to be added, such as GPR, gas sensing, additional camera or other environmental sensors.